Subsidiary of BH Global Corporation Ltd, Sea Forrest Power Solutions Pte Ltd (“SFP”) is proud to be in The Coastal Sustainability Alliance to decarbonise Singapore’s coastal delivery system.

The alliance is made up of SFP, Kuok (Singapore) Maritime Group, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), GenPlus, Jurong Port Singapore, TCOMS and TES.

They will lead Singapore to transition the country’s current 1,600 low-tech harbour craft, used to deliver supplies from shore to ships parked in Singapore’s waters, to run on more environmentally-friendly fuel and be more efficient as they are gradually phased out.

With investments of over $20 million from all 7 entities, they have plans to build a network of stationary and mobile electric chargers for these ships along the country’s coast and remodel used batteries from electric cars into modular packs for ships to prevent wastage. These electric vessels trials may begin as early as 2024.

The alliance is envisioning the new vessels that will be rolled out then to be compatible with the growing use of drones to deliver goods, suggesting that some craft can also be platforms for shorter-range drones to take off and land.

Some of these vessels could be autonomous and make multiple deliveries, instead of the current one-trip- one-delivery system that takes hours. The consequent reduction of launch boat movement – by about 20 per cent – by 2030 will also lead to less fuel use, part of the push towards more sustainable shipping.

Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng, the guest-of-honour at the launch marks that Singapore is at a turning point of our sustainability journey where we must continue as a nation to achieve collective ambitious environmental targets.

Coastal Sustainability Ecosystem

This alliance is in line BH Global’s directions of environment, electrification, and digitalisation towards a sustainable economy. We are thrilled to see SFP’s progression towards a sustainable maritime for Singapore.