BH Global Corporation Ltd is pleased to announce the promotion of Jasmin Lim to Chief Marketing Officer of BH Global Corporation. Jasmin works directly with Patrick Lim and Vincent Lim – COO and CEO of BH Global Corporation.

Jasmin worked closely with and assisted management to implement Group-wide marketing strategies and activities. She is also responsible for driving Corporate brand awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue growth through effective marketing initiatives, market research, and collaboration with cross-functional teams within subsidiaries.  

She has proven her capabilities in leading the Marketing and eServices team of BHM, and is also assisting the COO in managing the Sales and Business Development teams. She has also brought in continued new clientele and business opportunities for the Group and looks to build a network of strategic partnerships.

She is taking charge of Sustainability of the Group’s business through evaluating Sustainability trends and suggesting relevant Green projects to drive adoption of ESG practices within the Group.

Jasmin balances a practical mindset with creative business acumen. She stays updated on industry trends and fosters innovation to drive the Group’s competitive advantage in the market.  

She is a Council Member of Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers & Services (SASS) and is also assisting Association Of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) Women’s Wing in their efforts to Engage, Encourage, Equip and Empower women in the Maritime Industry.

BH Global would like to congratulate Jasmin on her promotion. Her leadership, dedication, and hard work have earned her this recognition. The group looks forward to seeing Jasmin take on this new challenge and bring her skills and leadership to this new position.

George Lee, Founder and CEO of Sea Forrest, was invited to be a speaker at the UOB Sustainability Compass Forum on the 18th August 2023. Moderated by Mr Don Wee, Corporate Sustainability office, UOB, the sharing revolved around “Going Sustainable as an SME”.

George shared on how Sea Forrest works with like-minded partners- ship yards and boat operators in the Marine Industry to encourage and push the adoption of Sustainability projects.

He also encourages players in the Marine market to take small steps towards Sustainability for a start. It was also mentioned that having a well-rounded and professional Board of Directors is key to the Governance of the company in guiding their future Initiatives.

BH Global would like to thank UOB for the opportunity and invitation to partake in their Sustainability journey in assisting SMEs.

Singapore, 29 July 2023 – BH Global Corporation Ltd.’s subsidiary- Sea Forrest Power Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“SFP”), hosted Minister for Trade and Industry Singapore, Mr. Gan Kim Yong at our premises on the 28th July 2023.

Minister Gan, alongside representatives from Enterprise Singapore, SkillsFuture SG and Singapore Business Federation learnt of BH Global’s sustainability transformation journey and Sea Forrest’s Green solutions, upcoming business growth, internationalization and workforce reskilling and upskilling plans.

Sea Forrest shared their transformational journey, from a project manager to systems integrator and today a green solutions provider, including plans on business growth, sustainability projects, internationalization, talents attraction, management and upskilling.

The group was given a tour around Sea Forrest’s Creation Lab where SFP CEO Mr George Lee showcased anticipated sustainability projects that are set to lead the Singapore Maritime Industry towards a Greener and carbon free future. Some showcased projects include their Green Hybrid Propulsion System, Green Cabin Energy Saver System, Marine Electric Training Simulator, Marine and Offshore Energy Storage System and a Marine Smart Energy Charging System that is currently being developed.

Industry Project partners were also invited to showcase joint projects including – Development of a fully battery powered harbor-craft with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Simulation Center utilizing their expertise in multi-physics modeling and simulation techniques in optimizing the designs for battery powered vessels, Green Hybrid Propulsion System for Strategic Marine, Full Electric Ready Propulsion System for Victory Pte Ltd, Energy Challenge with ABB and development of a High Efficiency Marine Electric Motor with Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

Minister Gan also announced the launch of the “Sustainability Playbook For Enterprises: Embarking On Your Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG) Journey”, during the visit.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Minister Gan, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore), EnterpriseSG, Singapore Business Federation, Skills Future SG and all our partners for this opportunity to share our sustainability initiatives.

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We would like to thank you for visiting us at Sea Asia 2023.

Our booth at Sea Asia 2023 was a collaborative effort between Beng Hui Marine Electrical, a one-stop Marine and Offshore Electrical and Technical goods supplier, SOPEX Innovation, who showcased their latest line of Green LED Technology, Sea Forrest brought forth their hybrid propulsion system to customers to try on site, Omnisense Systems displayed their thermal night vision cameras and Athena Dynamics was ready to counter the cyber security challenges present in the digitalizing maritime industry.

It was a privilege to meet with friends, partners, vendors and new leads at our booth. We had a great time catching up and strengthening bonds for future opportunities! Your support made our experience at Sea Asia a success.

We hope to see everyone again at Indonesia Marine & Offshore Expo 2023!

BH Global Corporation Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Capt. Kevin Wong as Chief Marketing Officer of Sea Forrest Technologies (a subsidiary of BH Global Corporation) with effect from 29th March 2023. Capt. Kevin works directly with George Lee – CEO of Sea Forrest Technologies.

Capt. Kevin Wong has more than three decades of hands-on experience in maritime regulations, operations, and developmental work, including 14 years as a seagoing officer and 18 years with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

Capt. Wong served as the Port Master, MPA, from 2017 to 2022, in which he was responsible for safety of navigation, operations and efficiency of the port of Singapore. Prior to joining Sea Forrest, Capt. Wong served with the Penguin Group as General Manager Group Operations and Sustainable Developments.

Capt. Wong graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Maritime Studies from Nanyang Technological University in 2006 and holds a Certificate of Competency Class 1 (Foreign Going), Master Mariner. He was conferred the Public Administration Medal, PPA(G), at the National Day Award 2016.

For more information on Sea Forrest Technologies, please visit here.

BH Global welcomes the Year of the Rabbit with a traditional Lion and Dragon dance!

Lion and Dragon Dances are a common sight during the Lunar New Year period as they are believed bring good fortune and luck while chasing away evil spirits (bad luck) during this festive period.

A company wide “Lo Hei” Session was also for the first time since the COVID 19 Pandemic. Lo Hei, which translates to “Tossing Upwards” in Cantonese, is the tossing of the “YuSheng”, a raw fish salad dish consisting on auspicious sounding ingredients. Employees of BH Global were all welcomed to throw and mix the YuSheng salad from a height to signify a rise in good fortune for the coming year.

BH Global would like to take this chance to wish all our friends and partners a prosperous Lunar New Year!