BH Global welcomes the Year of the Rabbit with a traditional Lion and Dragon dance!

Lion and Dragon Dances are a common sight during the Lunar New Year period as they are believed bring good fortune and luck while chasing away evil spirits (bad luck) during this festive period.

A company wide “Lo Hei” Session was also for the first time since the COVID 19 Pandemic. Lo Hei, which translates to “Tossing Upwards” in Cantonese, is the tossing of the “YuSheng”, a raw fish salad dish consisting on auspicious sounding ingredients. Employees of BH Global were all welcomed to throw and mix the YuSheng salad from a height to signify a rise in good fortune for the coming year.

BH Global would like to take this chance to wish all our friends and partners a prosperous Lunar New Year!