BH Global wraps up our Lunar New Year Celebration with a lion dance and a bean tossing ceremony.

The Bean Tossing Ceremony, participated by the management team of BH Global, hopes to bring in good fortune for the coming year. Described with the Mandarin idiom,五穀豐登 (wǔ gǔ fēng dēng), an idiom in Mandarin. The idiom describes a bountiful harvest for all food crops during the rainy and windy season, bringing peace to country.

BH Global wishes all our friends and partners a joyous Year of the Dragon, blessed with prosperity and good luck.

BH Global Corporation ushers in the Year of the Dragon with a traditional Lion and Dragon dance! The Group also invited family members of employees to enjoy our celebrations together!

Dragon and lion dances, staples of Lunar New Year celebrations, symbolize prosperity and ward off evil spirits. Their vibrant performances unite communities, fostering joy and good fortune for the year ahead.

As we welcome the Lunar New Year, BH Global would like to take this chance to wish we extend our warmest greetings to our friends and partners. May this Year of the Dragon bring you abundance, happiness, and good fortune.